How it all got started…

Noelle Dick

Years ago, I loved Spinning; I took lots of classes. There was one teacher who took the time to make it about the moment. She covered the walls in black paper and put a candle on the floor. It was the only time I truly felt in the moment. Those classes got me through some of the most difficult times of my life. When that teacher retired and my husband got into triathlon, so did I. I loved it too. So much we decided to open Swim Bike Run of KY, the state’s only multisport training and retail center. We have grown over the past three years, but in spite of our success. I personally felt something was missing for me. I loved triathlons and the athletes I have met over the years at the center; from the people doing their first triathlon to the amazing Ironman athletes. I used our indoor cycling CompuTrainer where you use your own bike to ride courses from all over the world. It helped me become a better road cyclist. I used all the great gear we had, but I missed the focus and the zen feel from those spinning class from the past. I also realized that SBR of KY needed to help more people, and to reach out to people who didn’t ride a road bike. There had to be a starting point to inspire people to try multisport or just inspire them to move for their health.

After encouragement from friends, I started my own journey to mold together the various indoor cycling classes I love into a new indoor cycling revolution called CycleYOU! This is my perfect workout! I wanted it to be a hard workout that reminded me of the joy I feel when dancing. I wanted the music to take me away from thinking about how hard I was working. I wanted to be inspired while I was working out. I wanted to work out my whole body, and I wanted to not have to think. For once in my busy day I just wanted to feel, and I wanted everyone to be able to do it. CycleYOU is the result of all those desires and a lot of hard work. I have created the protocol, and trained the teachers.

I can guarantee you a good time, a better body, and a clearer vision of who you are and can be.

I believe so strongly in the power of CycleYOU to change your life, like its changed mine.

Noelle Dick serves as the Chief Operations Officer of Swim Bike Run Of Kentucky and CycleYOU. She is certified by Mad Dogg Spinning in indoor cycling. She has competed in multiple Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons in various states. She loves hot yoga.

CycleYOU is a total body, inspirational workout on a bike set to great music. The CycleYOU studio will be your oasis. CycleYOU will inspire you to be your best. It will make you sweat. It will make you smile. It will make you burn fat, tone your arms and work your core.

CycleYOU group indoor cycling in Lexington, KY is as much about clearing the obstacles of your mind as much as your body. Each class will create a place inside you where you thrive, where you exceed your expectations, where you beat every challenge. We will help you set aside your phone, emails, work, demands , everything so you can focus just on YOU! So you can recharge for your next day. CycleYOU will prepare you to take on your life with strength, joy and confidence.

When was the last time you were challenged? Inspired? CycleYOU instructors believe in bringing you along on a journey of empowerment. We aren’t here to break you down. We are here to build you up! We want to help you achieve your goals. We teach joy in movement, happiness in pushing yourself to your limits, knowing you are leaving our class stronger of body and mind than when you started. CycleYOU is about teaching to awesome music that will make you want to move. In fact, you will often feel you are dancing on your bike. Cycling to the beat!

The core principles of CycleYOU® Be genuine

Be fierce


Be unique

Work hard

Be humble

Give back

Breathe through the past

Inhale the possibilities

Be grateful!

Cancel Policy:

Must cancel 2 hours before class on nights, weekends and holidays to avoid automatic late cancel charge. Packages holders will loose a class and monthly/PIF memebers will be charged a $10 fee. If you are going to be late to the class, please call becasue bikes can and will be given away 5 minutes before the class starts.