Welcome to the new site!

February 10, 2018


As you may have noticed, CycleYOU© has a new and improved website. This site will be faster, mobile friendly, responsive, and more secure. In order to do this, the site had to be rebuilt from the ground up.



HTTPS ensures a secure connection between your browser and this server. This prevents unwanted eavesdropping and content injection. The Certificate Authority used on this site is Let’s Encrypt.


By using a static website, content can be delivered faster to you. This is because the server delivers the content exactly how it is stored. Dynamic webpages requires the server to build a page whenever it is requested. This takes more time than just delivering the content.


With most views of CycleYOU¬©’s coming from mobile, it is important that the site is just as easy to navigate on mobile as it is on a computer. While the previous site was fairly responsive, it was created back before people began using smartphones as their primary way of accessing the internet.

Acknowlegements/Software Used


Caddy is the web server used to serve all the content on this server. Additionally, Caddy provides automatic HTTPS to ensure the safety of your browsing. The software running here was compiled from source and includes the filemanager and hugo plugin.


This is the static site generator used to create this website. This software was also compiled from source due to the very outdated version available in the repositories. https://gohugo.io