Want a cycleyou in your community?

CycleYOU® began as a workout designed to combine indoor cycling with a mind, body, spirit connection fueled by inspirational and energizing music. After months of locking herself in a room with music, a spin bike, and a glimpse of her dreams, owner and founder Noelle Dick created the CycleYOU® workout in 2011. Dick, Lexington-native and former corporate marketing and sales executive, has embraced this entrepreneurial opportunity and is dedicated to expanding and sharing this successful concept with cities world-wide. Her first group of Motivators, the CycleYOU® instructor title, began teaching in December of 2012, and classes were selling out, the response was breathtaking.The CycleYOU® mission is to inspire and motivate. Class is held in a tranquil candlelit studio where riders follow the signature CycleYOU® choreography format of the motivator. This method was so popular it was incorporated into Box2Beat (trademark pending), and TRX strength training.

The Core Principles of CycleYOU®

Be genuine. Be humble. Be fierce. Listen. Embrace your uniqueness. Breathe through the past and inhale the possibilities. Work hard. Give back and be grateful!

I’m interested… What’s next?

Check back with us later! Information about what to do will be coming shortly.

Can I visit a CycleYOU®?

We hope you do! Our flagship location is located in beautiful Lexington, KY. We will spend a discovery day with you so you can get a feel of the CycleYOU® Philosophy and Workout!

What does it take to open a CycleYOU® in my community?

The Franchise fee for one location is $30,000. Total start up costs will vary based on the location and studio set up choice. We pride ourselves on working with all size markets to customize the CycleYOU® concept for your success. Once you fill out the application we will send you our franchise disclosure documents, which explains in detail start-up costs.

What about training?

CycleYOU® franchise will train owners & managers in CycleYOU® operations and motivators in the CycleYOU® Method. The CycleYOU® Method is the only cycling class that can be taught at a Franchise. CycleYOU® franchises can also offer other workouts such as, Barre, Box2Beat, TRX, Yoga and many more.

Can I own more than one CycleYOU©?

Of course! Our development team will work with you to determine how many locations a market service area can accommodate. We also welcome multiple CycleYOU® MSA ownership.

Is a fitness background required to open a CycleYOU© franchise?

No, fitness background required. We are looking for owners with a desire to truly enhance the physical and mental well being of the community. CycleYOU® ownership is not for absentee owners. We are looking for owners who have a presence & history in the community in which they are located.

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