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The need to know about your first visit

Location & Parking: CycleYOU is located in downtown Lexington with plenty of parking.

What to Bring: All you need is water for your experience. Don’t worry if you forget, we’ll take care of you! We sell amazing Unify water. We provide towels and each NEW client will receive a FREE CY water bottle and a FREE pair of rental cycling shoes on your frist visit.

When to Arrive: Arrive 20 minutes prior to class. Due to our classes being taught in the dark, we reserve the right to deny entry to new riders if they arrive within 5 minutes of class. Once you’re here, let the front desk know it’s your first time so we can show you around and make sure you have everything you need for the experience you selected. We’ll also email you additional information that will make your experience comfortable, easy and fun.

Cycling: Bikes & Shoes: Our Keiser cycling bikes have cages for running shoes or SPD clips for cycle shoes. Running shoes must be the stiffest sole possible to provide a comfortable, safe ride. Cycle shoes help you burn about 30% more calories and work best for stability and intensity.

CycleYOU has cycling shoes for rent and purchase.

For all other classes: Shoes Most of our classes you can wear tennis shoes or go barefoot.

For Hot Fusion: Bring a towel for your mat. We also sell yoga towels.

Studio Rules

This is our sweat sanctuary. Cell phones must be kept with your personal belongings on silent. If you are a physician or your child is sick, you can leave your phone at the front desk. we will come get you if there is an emergency. To keep the environment YOU love, unattended children are not permitted inside or outside of CycleYOU/FIT. Children 11 or older can take classes with an adult!

Everyone is at CycleYou for their own journey. The motivator is here to help you on your way. We encourage interaction with your motivator throughout class, but talking amongst yoruselves disrupts energy and flow.

CycleYou is about creating energy together. Our motivators will guide you, but we recognize that some people want to do their own thing. That’s cool! We ask that you sit in the back for your own experience.

Being nice is neat. Show your fellow riders and our staff respect and the kindness you expect from others.

Work hard. Breathe deep. Change your perspective. Love yourself.


We have various amenities to help make your CycleYOU experience as convenient as possible. Feel free to use our showers and towels after a sweaty session or shop at our boutique for the latest Astral workout gear. Our dressing rooms make it easy to go from work to workout during lunch breaks and before happy hour.

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