Wellness Rides

We’re passionate about our community and want to help as much as we can. CycleYOU Wellness is our way of giving our local businesses in Lexington a place where they can rewind from a long day of work! We have hosted business like Atea Salon and UK Pharmacy School and we are excited to host your business, NEXT!

CycleYOU understands healthy, motivated employees are happy, productive employees. Enhance your company’s wellness program with a trip to CycleYOU. Company classes can be private and the first one is FREE!

CY Wellness events are held on Thursday’s at 6:30pm and Saturday’s at 12:30pm and include a customized playlist, social media promotion, our studio, Motivator, staff and a FUN atmosphere!

A minimum of 15 participants is required. Businesses are responsible for filling the class. An adult 21+ must be present for all CY Wellness rides.

Have a business worth riding for? Fill out this form to book your Wellness ride!

Name of Business

Date Requested (Thursdays 6:30pm and Saturdays 12:30pm)

Class Requested (Cycling or FIT)

Specific Motivator Request

Extra Activities you would like to do

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