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Beat Based Cycling


Strength & Sculpt

Fusion Strength
Fusion Core
Hot Fusion


Kick, hit and rock out to the beat! Every song combination is a new journey to releasing stress, building strength and kicking ass!

305 Fitness

305 Fitness is a HITT cardio dance workout complete with a light show and DJ mixes. While we love a good sweat (each class burns up to 900 calories with our 45-minute structure), what we love more is providing a space where you can release your inhibitions and love your body exactly as you are

Beginner Workouts

Has it been a long time.. or may never since you have moved to the music or sweat to the beat? Maybe you have challenges with your knees or arms or both! You want to feel better & You know you need this… So this is for you! Short 30 minute workouts to get you moving, make you stronger and just feeling good!

What's New at CycleYOU

Summer Sweat Challenge Starts this Wednesday, July 1st! WOO HOO!!!

Earn miles for each class you take starting July 1st! Just write down your miles after each cycle class. We will assign miles automatically for all other classes.

Fusion Strength - 15 miles
Fusion Core - 15 miles
Heated Fusion - 18 miles
CyclePump - 18 miles
20/20/20 18 miles
Barre - 12 miles
Box2Beat - 15 miles
Yoga - 10 miles
Piyo - 18 miles

You can also participate in Summer Sweat at home:

1. Take a class on one of our channels!
2. Take a picture of the miles you did or the class you took!
3. Then email Dawn ( with the picture attached so she can keep track of your miles!

50% Off the Wall Sale

You can buy in-person or online at

Beyond Yoga! Balega Socks! CycleYOU Gear! All has to go!

Curbside is available during retail hours.

There are specific shoes & sizes that are on sale:
TIEM’s: Size 5.5
LG WOMEN’s: Size 6 (36) - Size 6.5 (37)
LG MEN’s: Size 15 (50)

Shop here!


CycleYOU TV workouts will continue to be free for the month of June. We will be taping new workouts this week! Starting in July, CYTV will become subscription only, more details to come.


Viemo Channel!

YouTube Channel!

Promotions & Challenges

Summer Sweat Challenge!

Sara Bargeron 113.1 - 5CY$ + CycleYOU Necklace
Katie Weddington 72.4 - 5CY$ + KY Branded Ornament
Ella Jensen72.4 - 5CY$ + Drink Local Koosie
Mary Ellen Ford 67.1 - 5CY$ + Love Decal
Susan Wallace 64.8 - 5CY$ + Sweaty Band Hair band
Amber Filiatreau 63 - 5CY$
Grace Cottam 54 - 5CY$
Ted Brittain 53 - 5CY$
Jennifer Nowlin 52.5 - 5CY$
Katie Ward 51.8 - 5CY$
Jason Dillow 50.8 - 5CY$
Sarah Alegria 50.6 - 5CY$
Bibie Cook 49 - 5CY$
Stephanie Biddle 48 - 5CY$
Amy Bunt 48 - 5CY$
Deb James 48 - 5CY$
Judy Lowry 47.1 - 5CY$
Anna Kate Keating 45 - 5CY$
Kerry Nemecek 42 - 5CY$

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