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Beat Based Cycling


Strength & Sculpt

Fusion Strength
Fusion Core
Hot Fusion


Kick, hit and rock out to the beat! Every song combination is a new journey to releasing stress, building strength and kicking ass!

305 Fitness

305 Fitness is a HITT cardio dance workout complete with a light show and DJ mixes. While we love a good sweat (each class burns up to 900 calories with our 45-minute structure), what we love more is providing a space where you can release your inhibitions and love your body exactly as you are

Beginner Workouts

Has it been a long time.. or may never since you have moved to the music or sweat to the beat? Maybe you have challenges with your knees or arms or both! You want to feel better & You know you need this… So this is for you! Short 30 minute workouts to get you moving, make you stronger and just feeling good!

What's New at CycleYOU

Themed Class This Week…


Fusion Core - FREE Practice Class

Join CycleYOU in welcoming New Motivator Sarah Haerle at 10:45 am!! You are going to love her experience and energy! She is a former competitive swimmer! She wants to share her love of fitness with you in a fun energizing way!!! This class will be FREE once you fill out a questionnaire about the class!

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Summer Sweat Challenge Starts this Wednesday, July 1st! WOO HOO!!!

Earn miles for each class you take starting July 1st! Just write down your miles after each cycle class. We will assign miles automatically for all other classes.

You can also participate in Summer Sweat at home:

1. Take a class on one of our channels!
2. Take a picture of the miles you did or the class you took!
3. Then email Dawn ( with the picture attached so she can keep track of your miles!

Keeping it Clean at CY!

As the air you breathe becomes more and more important, here is how we are keeping you safe:

Reme Halo is actively cleaning the air you breath with environmentally safe Hydro Peroxide Plasma. Kills 99% of virus germs within 3 feet of each person. Masks are mandatory to and from class.

GOING OUT OF STATE? PLEASE SELF- QUARANTINE FROM CY for a minimum of 7 days! Help us keep everyone safe!

Hour late Cancel Policy applies to ALL Classes!

Stay in your car until 10 minutes before class, proceed straight to class and leave directly after

Please wear masks in all common areas of the building. You DO NOT have to wear them while working out.

You are welcome to bring your own equipment if you would like (mats, weights, barre balls)

New Sanitizing stations throughout building

Make sure your water bottle is filled before you come

Wash your hands

Cough into your elbow

Be courteous about other people’s space boundaries

Be patient and kind as we all navigate this new world

Promotions & Challenges

Summer Sweat Challenge!

Hannah Haerle 162.7 5CY$ + Plunder Bracelet
Sara Bargeron 160.2 5CY$ + Camo Hat + CY Towel
ErinThompson 129.5 5CY$ + Tank Top + Phocus
Veronica Lopez 114 5CY$ + Ponya Band + Yoga Socks
Olivia Fox 96 5CY$ + Yoga Socks + Phocus
Cathy Pennington 95.6 5CY$
Lauren Dunn 87.8 5CY$
Jennifer Hawkins 87.4 5CY$
Jennifer Nowlin 86.1 5CY$
Maura Jackson 85.1 5CY$
Hannah Hunter 84.1 5CY$
Holli Gibson 84 5CY$
Perdita Prater 82.7 5CY$
Becca Saylor 73.8 5CY$
KatieWard 70.8 5CY$
Heather Carrier 70.3 5CY$
Zoey Lowther 70.3 5CY$
Stephanie Biddle 69 5CY$
Anna Kate Keating 69 5CY$
Katie Weddington 69 5CY$

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