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Beat Based Cycling

CycleYOU Is a Total Body (arms/abs work included) workout on a bike taught in the states largest cycling studio in dim light to give you the space and environment to let go and ride strong. Learn more.


Kick, hit, Jam out to the beat. Every song is new combination is a new journey where you release stress and build strength and kick ass! Learn more.

Strength & Sculpt FIT Method

Strength Experiences Fusion tabata style, TRX & Barre. Experiences to crave and strengthen move than just your muscles Learn more.

What's New at CycleYOU

Do you know what an inspiration card is? When you refer a friend with an inspiration card, you both get a FREE class! Grab a few from the front desk next time you’re in the studio and share CY with your friends!

Pick a Prize! Starting this month, we’re switching things up to make sharing your love for CY even sweeter. If someone redeems an Inspiration Card with your name on it, you’ll have the chance to WIN by drawing a prize from our prize bowl! Prizes include: -5 CY$ -CY Water bottle -CY Hat -1 Free Class (or $10 off your next month for membership holders) -3 Free Classes (or $15 off your next month for membership holders) -5 Free Classes (or $25 off your next month for membership holders)

Oh, but wait… If your referral buys a package on their first visit, you can win even MORE! All clients whose referrals make a purchase on their first visit will have their name entered into a monthly drawing for 1 FREE MONTH UNLIMITED

BRING FRIENDS AND WIN BIG! -Drawings will take place on the 1st of each month -monthly unlimited winners will receive the month that they are chosen for free. The month can not be held or frozen or transferred. For membership holders, the free month will come on their next scheduled billing cycle. -Clients can not win more than 1 free month per year.

Summer Sweat Running Total: You can check your running total of miles on our website! Scroll down the homepage to our Promotions and Challenges section. Congratulations to our June Overall Winners!

This Week

Welcome to the CY family, Lauren!

Meet our newest motivator, Lauren Stiger! We are so excited to welcome her to our team. Join Lauren for her first CY class on August 2, 2018 at 12pm! She will be teaching FIT TRX power. Keep reading for some fun facts about Lauren.

alt text

Most embarrassing moment: “When I knocked over a large amount of supplies and fell in the book store on my first day of college”

Most proud moment: “When I got accepted into UK’s Pharmacy school!”

Favorite pet: “My miniature dachshund puppy named Juliet”

Fan girl moment: “When I saw Connor Dwyer, who is an Olympic swimmer, I went up to him and asked for a selfie and apologized to him for being such a fan girl”

Family: “My parents are Kimberly and David who both live in Lexington. I also have an older sister named Natalie who lives in Nashville”

Goals: “To be an Oncology Pharmacist, inspire people to be the best version of themselves and to help others maintain a positive outlook on life!”

Summer Sweat.. How it works:

Remember, all you have to do is write down your specific miles for CycleYOU. You receive a set number of miles for each combo and FIT class and those points will automatically be added to your account. Fusion, Barre 45, TRX Power, Box2Beat, Yoga: 15 miles Fusion Cardio, Barre 55, TRX Cardio, 20/20/20, Piyo: 21 miles

Promotions & Challenges

1 Jason Thomas 239.6 5 CY$ + $10 Carsons GC
2 Jason Mitchell 147.5 5 CY$ + Cup of Commonwealth Drink
3 Susan Thornberry 142 5 CY$ + Cup of Commonwealth Drink
4 Grace McDonald 135 5 CY$ + Cup of Commonwealth Drink
5 Anna McDonald 117 5 CY$ + Cup of Commonwealth Drink
6 Lauren Thomas 113.9 5 CY$
7 Ted Brittain 110.9 5 CY$
8 Meghan Trimble 106.1 5 CY$
9 Anne Harris 99 5 CY$
10 Julie McDonald 96.6 5 CY$
11 Logan Oatman 92.1 5 CY$
12 Whitney Franklin 89.5 5 CY$
13 Cathy Pennington 8735 5 CY$
14 Marlena Sanchez 87 5 CY$
15 Libby Clay 86.9 5 CY$
16 Jenny O’Donnell 84 5 CY$
17 Jane Fields 84 5 CY$
18 Kristen Gardner 84 5 CY$
19 Stephanie Smith 80.5 5 CY$
20 Elizabeth Hawse 78.9 5 CY$
21 Sarah Alegria 78.4 5 CY$
22 Stefanie Strinko 78 5 CY$
23 Leela Foley 77.3 5 CY$
24 Sara Bargeron 76.3 5 CY$
25 Tristen Collins 76.3 5 CY$
Want to know where you stand? Click here for our running total

Summer Sweat Challenge: June 1st - August 31st

Thank you to our prize sponsors! sponsors

Here’s how it works:

Summer Sweat is our biggest challenge of the year! The goal is to rack up as many miles as you can each week. You don’t have to sign up, only show up to sweat to the beat! For all CycleYOU rides, your miles will be counted after you ride. For all other classes, your miles will be automatically counted. Here’s the breakdown=

Fusion, Barre, TRX Power and TRX Strength & Stretch, Box2Beat, Yoga: 15 miles

Fusion Cardio, BarrePump, TRX Cardio, CyclePump, CycleTRX, 20/20/20, Piyo: 21 miles

Weekly Winners

Top 5 prize + 5CY$

6-10 prize + 5CY$

11-25 5CY$

Monthly Winners

Top 5 prize + 5CY$

6-10 prize + 5CY$

11-25 5CY$

Overall Miles Winners

2000 = 50CY$

1500 = 25CY$

1000 = 15CY$

501- 999 = $10 CY$

We’ll announce winners on this page and on social media. We’ll also post a spreadsheet of everyone’s miles so you can see where you rank.

From our blog

Welcome to the new site!

on February 10, 2018

Welcome! As you may have noticed, CycleYOU© has a new and improved website. This site will be faster, mobile friendly, responsive, and more secure. In order to do this, the site had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Features HTTPS HTTPS ensures a secure connection between your browser and this server. This prevents unwanted eavesdropping and content injection. The Certificate Authority used on this site is Let’s Encrypt.

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What Is Barre? What To Know About Your New Favorite Fitness Class

on January 18, 2018

Chances are you’ve heard of barre classes. Between 2013 and 2015, barre grew by 141%, and nearly one third of the fitness industry is offering some sort of barre class in their group fitness scheduling. If you have been waiting to try this class out, but are unsure what to expect, check out this simple guide. Then all you need to do is show up. Barre derives from ballet. Barre takes ballet moves, and a bar of course, and combines them with yoga and pilates.

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Move Your Asana: The Many Benefits Of Yoga

on January 9, 2018

Whether you are a cycling class devotee or a TRX training maven, you might be looking to shake up your workout. For wellness enthusiasts of all types, yoga can be the missing ingredient to your fitness routine. Since 75% of yoga participants also partake in other forms of exercise, these unique fitness classes are a great addition to your workouts. If you need a little more convincing, this guide will teach you some of the many benefits of rolling out your mat.

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Sweat It Out: How Exercise Helps Stress Relief

on December 19, 2017

There is nothing quite like an afternoon workout to de-stress after a long day. Sweating it out at CycleYOU might be your therapy of choice, but you should know the calming power of exercise is far from theoretical. Years of research have found that sweating it out has a true psychological impact on you — changing your brain chemistry for the better. “When stress affects the brain, with its many nerve connections, the rest of the body feels the impact as well,” according to the Anxiety And Depression Association of America.

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