FIT Method

FIT (Full-body Interval Training) classes strengthen and sculpt your body using various equipment and formats. Add strength training, add variety and change things up with these experiences and you will never get bored with your fitness routine. All classes have options for exercises, so it’s challenging but also achievable for all fitness levels.

Class Descriptions

FIT Barre

Hit the barre for our signature full body workout designed to give you chiseled abs, toned legs, cut arms, and a high, lifted seat. This class focuses on isolated exercises and takes you through targeted mindful muscle movements. Click the picture to learn more!

FIT Fusion Circuits

We know strength training and lifting weights can be boring and difficult to do on your own, so we created this 50 minute class to keep you moving, grooving and toning from head to toe. This time based interval class offers you the perfect mix of cardio and strength training and allows you to go at your own pace so it is perfect for all fitness levels.

FIT Fusion Core

A stronger body and core assists you in strengthening those muscles you use in everyday life. In this class, we focus on strengthening your legs, biceps, triceps, shoulders and back with an emphasis on your core. Each song focuses on one muscle group with light to mid weights and lots of repetitions to leave you feeling challenged, encouraged, strong and ready toned from head to toe.